a Sooper se Ooper interview with Shekhar Ghosh

Cinema Chronicles caught up with the very talented filmmaker, Shekhar Ghosh. He went on to talk about his journey into filmmaking and updated us with his recent venture, ‘Sooper Se Ooper’.  The following is what he had to say about his recent film and other projects.

Sooper Se Ooper - Poster

Sooper Se Ooper – Poster

Q: Could you tell us about yourself a little?
SG: I am an ad filmmaker with having directed over 800 ads like Airtel, Hero Honda, Gitanjali, D’dmas, Sahara etc. I am also featured in Sachin Tendulkar’s book. My latest venture was the story screenplay and direction of ‘Sooper Se Ooper’.

Q: When did your journey with filmmaking begin?
SG: My journey began 15 years ago. I was with Channel V and I directed some of the most iconic image promos. I also honoured with the ‘Promax award’.

Q: Could you tell us a director you look up to?
SG: It has to be Ridley Scott

Director, Shekhar Ghosh

Director, Shekhar Ghosh

Q: Would you share us your directorial journey of ‘Sooper Se Ooper’? And most of all how did you come up with this unique title?
SG: ‘Sooper Se Ooper’ was a wonderful journey starting with a script written on human insights and moments of quirk and humour. It’s a story of one up man ship between Vir’s character and that of Deepak Dobriyal’s character. Hence we came up with the name ‘Sooper Se Ooper’. Our song too expresses the same view. It goes like, ‘tu sau toh hum hai sava sau…ek sooper toh doosra sooper se ooper’

Q: How long did you shoot? Could you talk about the scenario and shooting stages?
SG: We shot for around 36 days. The major locations were Rajasthan and Mumbai. We shot at the peak heat of Rajasthan and the extreme monsoon of Mumbai. I wanted to show how the colours of Rajasthan changes to the greys of Mumbai. This was definitely deliberate and planned.

Q: You conceived this idea as a short film however this shaped to be a full-fledged feature. What was your biggest fear before going on board with the film?
SG: My biggest fear was to get a great cast as I was trying to find a new style of humour. I did manage to get a great cast and so I had no fear post the casting.

Q: Go ahead and tell us as to how the idea was pitched to Reliance.
SG: They liked the narration at the first go. I received the green light immediately.

Q: How was it working with stars like Vir Das, Kirti Kulhari and Gulshan Grover.
SG: It was absolutely awesome working with Vir and Gulshan Grover.  And Kirti too was outstanding.  She is a Rajasthani and that added a whole new dimension.

Q: The legendary singer, Sonu Nigam is on the composers chair this time. How did this happen? Tell us about the music of the film and the music makers.   
SG: He and Bickram Ghosh simply loved the script and vision and we worked very closely at creating this amazing set of songs which are totally based around the need of the script and not just for promotional purposes.

Q: If you could destroy one myth about this film, what would that be?
SG: It is only promotions that make a film liked by the audiences would be the myth I would like to destroy.

Q: What would be your next project?
SG: I have two films that I’ve signed. But, I would like to speak about it post the release.


Here’s wishing all the very best to the Sooper se Ooper Team. And lastly, the film is out in theaters, go watch!


Watch the trailer, here:

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