Censor Board lenient with ‘Satya 2’

‘Satya 2’ is an upcoming sequel to Ram Gopal Varma’s crime blockbuster ‘Satya’. The film is the story of Satya who comes to Mumbai with a determination to change the Mumbai Underworld. The usual prey to The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Ram Gopal Varma seems to have got away from them this time.

Satya 2 - Poster

Satya 2 – Poster

CBFC has yet again chosen to stay quit with the foul use of language. ‘Satya 2’ which has many foul uses of language has managed to escape from the wrath of the CBFC except with 3 instances which have been objected. A source revealed, “There are about 20 explicit abusive words in the film. CBFC has allowed the rampant usage of cuss words and has only objected to three such instances.” The source also added, “It is an underworld film and foul language is bound to be used. It is the way those people normally speak. There have been many such films in the past which have been cleared without cuts. Anyway, the film has been granted an A certificate. Why make a big deal about this?”

CBFC asked Ram Gopal Varma to delete two scenes, one, where girls are seen squatting and pandering on the floor, and the other, where a woman’s undergarment is visible. Apparently,  the scene where the word ‘Police’ is used just before the commissioner is about to be killed was also asked to be deleted but Varma got away with it too as he pointed out to similar uses in his earlier film.

Varma somehow seems to manage to get away with everything this time.


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