Death penalty for rapists will delay justice’s process: Shabana Azmi

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Veteran Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi, who has always shown her concern about current scenario of society, says it is the public who can implement law and change things because law will not change by its own and one has to make a movement to bring the alteration.

She was attending the workshop held on the gender sensitisation and there she said death penalty for rapists will delay the process of justice and instead the need of the hour is to ask for certainty of punishment. “Laws by themselves cannot change anything. We need laws to be implemented, we need firm investigation, speedy justice and we need to ensure that it is not the severity of the punishment but certainty of the punishment,” she said.

The 61-year-old former Parliamentarian said, “There is great hue and cry for death penalty for rapists but people who deal with law say in cases of rape it has taken 10 years and even more before culprits are booked. In the case of death penalty, such stringent evidence is required before it is awarded. It will retard the process of justice. We do not have to ask for death penalty but certainty in punishment.

The actress who is working in the industry for two decades also said about a change in the mindset of the society by providing right form of education.

Shabana Azmi was last seen in Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola in 2012 playing a meaty role of Chaudhari Devi.

Source: TNN

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