HC grants Suraj Pancholi bail, downplays Jiah Khan letter

via: indiatimes.com

via: indiatimes.com

The letter found at Jiah Khan’s house, purportedly written by her, cannot be termed as a suicide note as it is neither dated nor addressed to anyone, observed the Bombay high court while granting bail to Suraj Pancholi (in picture), son of actors Aditya Pancholi and Zareena Wahab, against a surety of Rs50,000.

Justice Sadhana Jadhav granted bail to Pancholi who was arrested on June 10 for allegedly abetting the suicide of actor Jiah Khan. The HC observed that Pancholi had been in jail for 21 days and there was no need for further incarceration. Pancholi has been directed to surrender his passport and appear before the Juhu police every alternate day.

Calling Khan’s suicide an “impulsive act,” the high court observed: “No doubt that it was an unfortunate incident that a young girl has committed suicide. She (Jiah) must have been impulsive and he (Suraj) cannot be held solely responsible for it.”

Pancholi’s counsel argued that he (Pancholi) and Khan were in a consensual relationship and the letter was being misused by Rabiya, Khan’s mother. The court asked whether the letter recovered from Khan’s house was addressed to Pancholi. “The question is if the script recovered from the deceased’s house is addressed to the applicant (Pancholi) or are they just extracts from her diary? Can it be called a suicide note at all?” asked justice Jadhav.

Noting that the said letter never reached Pancholi, justice Jadhav said, “Therefore, it cannot be said that the emotions expressed in the letter ever reached the applicant.”

HC held that Pancholi did not nurture an intent or motive to push the girl to commit suicide. The court also took note of the fact that Khan had suicidal tendencies as she had attempted suicide on earlier occasion also.

Source: DNA India

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