Interstellar & Life

Interstellar - Film Poster

Interstellar – Film Poster

The movie, a spectacle to watch, did leave an impact. It had a balanced combination of emotional tugs, a raw survival instinct, bravery, sacrifice and the stroke of genius. The components of a beautiful cinema, constructed on a magnificent canvas with technology making it all possible. I feel bad for George Lucas at times.


Born before our times?

Gnawing at our insides is the restlessness which we associate with a general unhappiness. We feel that we don’t fit in and dream of being free. Interstellar, like many other good films, tells us that fitting in with the norms is not necessary. Doing what it takes to find our calling is what matters the most. The struggle is real, and schools often breed sheep. If our gut tells us that we are explorers, then we ruddy are.


The Greater Good

The key difference between clever and shrewd is whether the end result is beneficial to most of us or not. People work together under certain beliefs and circumstances. They might not always realize the enormity of the solution, and that ignorance might prove fatal. Half truths and white lies is often a necessary evil when a crucial solution is at stake. These are tough decisions and few are unfortunate to bear the burden. Balancing the interests, preferences of all stakeholders, our own emotions and controlling the communication flow are tricks to be mastered by leaders. Uneasy lies the head which bears the crown.


Our actions define us.

The best people with laurels to their name might behave in an unpleasant and unexpected manner under trying situations. No matter what the past, our actions in the present determine the future and define who we are as people. Every decision matters, every word matters and every action in the present creates the future. We truly live in a moment.


Letting go.

A game of chess might not be an apt example, since it suggests attachment and sacrifice for material gain. The art of detachment, on the other hand, means a strong belief in our singularity and existence in the moment. The emotions, our relations and interactions with fellow humans are defined and redefined. We either have the opportunity of allowing the evolution, or sticking to the norms of the immediate (or not) past. Letting go need not necessarily mean saying goodbye, but understanding the fact that the reality is but a perception, things are but a projection of our emotions and everything, after all, is one. We never really say goodbye, the emotions simply transform (evolve) into something that is better suited for the situation.


Love transcends all.

Someone had rightly noted that all emotions are branches of Love and Fear. The latter, interestingly, is the fear of losing our status quo i.e. things we are comfortable with, what we love. While the emotion is beyond logic and quantifiable terms, it is certainly recognisable and persistently drives us onward. Love for our children might make us take a ship into a wormhole, love for our children might make us let go as an ultimate sacrifice. It makes us take risks, the impossible leaps and the final conquests. The loveless, on the other hand, think naught but about themselves leading the best humans to do some horrible things. We simply love, though we don’t quite understand it. And that’s what makes it mysterious yet beautiful. A muse.


Love is the bridge.

Humans have limited senses, can hear limited frequencies and can see limited light. We find it hard to imagine a fourth dimension. Our subconscious communicates with us through the conscious minds, using analogies & symbolism since that’s all we can comprehend. Interstellar shows the possibility of higher beings similarly communicating with us using the tool which leaves behind a strong impression- love. Since we remember the moments of the past, we can choose. Since it is love that drives us to do crazy things in the first place, we can choose better. Interstellar chose to showcase Love as a bridge across dimensions, and that makes all the sense since that is what helps us live. There wouldn’t be anything if there was no love.


Driving the point home.

This is an amazing movie. It ended with a subtle hint that love conquers all.

And to have no Plan B, even if it seems suicidal. Remember Batman.


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