‘Kaphal’ – A unique story

The Mumbai Film Festival was filled with surprises and true geniuses. The best amongst them was ‘Kaphal’. This film which was screened at the Mumbai Fest featured kids who have never been to cinema.

Kaphal - Official Poster

Kaphal – Official Poster

Filmmaker Batul Mukhtiar travelled and discovered places where the world of cinema has not been able to influence the populous. ‘Kaphal’ which premiered at the Mumbai Film Festival is the story of life in village, and the need for a good family and an active society. . The movie has been shot in the remote village of ‘Swari’

When asked about her decision to cast the local kids Mukhtiar said,” I wanted children who appeared comfortable in their surroundings. We had a month-long workshop with almost 90 kids. These are children who have never been to a movie theatre as the nearest one takes a day’s travel. Half of them, who had been coaxed to attend the workshops by their parents, fled the very next day.”She told us that initially the other kids were very shy and suspicious. But the workshop seems to have broken the ice between them. The kids also actively participated to enhance the dialogues.

Kaphal - Still

Kaphal – Still

Talking about her tough path she says, “The village functions on caste dynamics. We had a couple of hostile moments. Electricity was also a problem. Usually we see the hardships of city immigrants, but with Kaphal, I wanted to tell the story of the challenges in a remote village. For city people, their difficulties are almost non-existent.”

After the ‘Kaphal’ tale one can be sure that the children truly seem to be the true heroes of today’s films.


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