King Khan indulges into plagarism?

Shah Rukh Khan has always been appreciated for his presence of mind and his intense knowledge about all the issues in the society. But, this time the actor has put himself into trouble after his recent speech at AIMA (All India Management Association).

SRK was recently invited to speak at AIMA as a guest speaker. There are reports that the actor spoke about several topics like failures, success, education and poverty. But, rumours tell us that his speech was inspired by British author JK Rowling’s speech that she had made at Harvard in 2008. His speech was also inspired by several other sources. Apparently SRK failed to acknowledge or credit anyone for borrowing their words.

There are allegations on the actor that he should have given a thought to the originality of his words and should not have indulged into plagiarism. At the least he could have given credits to the sources he borrowed his word from.

Looking forward to see what Shah Rukh Khan has in store to come out of this controversy.

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