Kunal Kohli to make a film based on the Great Bombay Textile Strike

Kunal Kohli is back again after his long break. Upcoming movie produced by producer-director Kunal Kohli will see Jimmy Shergill and Raghu Ram at their best. Kunal Kohli, famous for his romance films has moved to a different genre. His upcoming film will be based on the Great Bombay Textile Strike.

The director of romance, who gave hits like ‘Hum Tum’ and ‘Fanaa’ has moved on to portray serious issues through cinema. His film, titled Vartak Nagar is going to be directed by debutant Atul Taishete.

Kohli’s film features Shergill as a powerful underworld don and Raghu as a union leader fighting to obtain wage increments for his workers. The film is set around the Central suburbs of Mumbai during the early 80’s.

When interrogated, Kohli confirmed the news and said, “It is a subject I have never attempted before.  The film is essentially about the loss of childhood – how the strike affects the children who were raised at the point in time.”

There were rumours that Raghu is playing a character inspired by the life of the union leader Datta Samant who led textile mill workers on the year-long strike. But Kohli rejecting all rumours said, “There are various references to real life figures, but Raghu is not playing him. His role is that of a leader at a small level; not of Datta Samant’s magnitude.”

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