Qaushiq Mukherjee’s “Tasher Desh” rights acquired by Insomnia World Sales.



Paris-based sales agent Insomnia World Sales has acquired world rights to Qaushik Mukherjee a.k.a Q’s latest film Tasher Desh.

Insomnia World Sales CEO Luc Ntonga said, “It’s not so often to discover such a visually striking, bold and energetic film from India. It confirms Q as a talent to continue to follow. No doubt the film will raise interests from theatrical distributors and festival programmers worldwide as a new iconic and already cult contemporary fairy tale.”

Tasher Desh is an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s dance drama (though Q has described his film as “Tagore on an acid trip”) which does tend to mean that from a starting point the dramatic thrust of the film was broad and based on themes and ideas rather than dialogue. The film, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival 2012, was shot in 25 days on the beaches of Sri Lanka and a series of ruins in Bengal.

The film is an India-Belgium co-production between Overdose Films and Anurag Kashyap Films of India and Entre Chien et Loup of Belgium.



Film Synopsis:

Shipwrecked on a paradise island, the prince and his friend encounter a strange culture. The islanders are all soldiers who call themselves The Cards, and live by a code of rules that outlaws any human behaviour. Before they know it, an aggressive faction of islanders captures the visitors. Taken to court, they anger The Cards by defying their court customs. They are pronounced guilty and banished. But before he leaves, the prince asks to say one last word, and takes the opportunity to whisper the message of liberation he received from his guardian angel to a few of the Card women. The result is chaos. The women are shaken to the core, and soon the land of Cards experiences dissent for the very first time.

View the trailer, here:

TASHER DESH (THE LANDS OF CARDS) – a film directed by Q from INSOMNIA World Sales on Vimeo.


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