Raj Kapoor’s ‘Awara’ all up to come back in Colour

Raj Kapoor’s 1951 master-piece ‘Awara’ is all up to make its come back to the silver screen. No, this ain’t going to be a remake, but the coloured version of the evergreen classic.

Raj Kapoor in Awara

Raj Kapoor in Awara

The Kapoor’s have long wanted to relaunch the R.K banner. They decided to do it with none other than ‘Awara’, one of their classic hits. Also, ‘Awara’ celebrated its 62nd anniversary this year, adding more reasons to the Kapoor’s idea to commence their relaunch with it.

Apparently, Rishi Kapoor had plans of remaking ‘Awara’ with his son, Ranbir playing Raj Kapoor’s part. But this idea was rejected by Ranbir as he thought that this classic deserved to be untouched.

If these talks about the coloured version of ‘Awara’ turns true, it will be R.K banners comeback after 22 years. We are definitely sure it would be a treat for the umpteen Raj Kapoor fans.

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