Rajkumar and his naked interrogation scene.

Actor Rajkumar Yadav who made his acting debut with talked about movie, ‘Love, Sex aur Dhokha’ has successfully made a play for himself in Bollywood with his critical performance in many films. The 29 year old who graduated from the Film and Telivision Institue of India (FTII) is in news for his naked interrogation scene in his upcoming film, ‘Shahid’.



Apprantly, the ‘Kai Po Che’ star, volunteered to do the naked interrogation scene in ‘Shahid’, based on the life of slain lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi. According to Rajkumar, his closeness with the character helped him feel the character’s pain and humiliation. He confessed that he was emotionally drawn off after filming the scene. Also, he took some time to get out of his character.

Rajkumar in Shahid

Rajkumar in Shahid

Rajkumar told media, “I am very proud of the film… It has been made with a lot of love and honesty. It was an emotionally draining experience. There were moments where I had to push myself down into his psyche and it took me some time to get out of it. But there are few things of ‘Shahid’ which I am going to carry forever, including his ideology”. He further added to his bold scene by saying, “That scene was never planned to be like that… It was a very normal one on paper but there was something missing. So I told Hansal that I should be absolutely naked in the interrogation scene. My reason was to feel the embarrassment, the mental pain of the character.” “When you play a character which is fictional you can interpret it in your own way… But playing a real character comes with a lot of responsibility. In case of ‘Shahid’ hisfamily is still there, they are going to watch the film and everyone is going to judge you. So as an actor you have to put in your 100 per cent. I tried to know him as much as I could, emotionally, mentally, physically,” the actor said.

As a matter of fact the talented Rajkumar spent quite a lot of time with Shahid’s family, especially his brother, to get into its skin. He wanted to give life to the character and make it real. Some kind f inspiration definitely pushed him to giving his best.



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