Ram Charan is ready to work with Salman Khan

After the huge failure of ‘Zanjeer’ and its Telugu version ‘Thoofan’, Ram Charan is back again. This time he is teaming up with none other than Salman Khan for a movie which will be produced by the latter.

Ram Charan in Zanjeer

Ram Charan in Zanjeer

Ram Charan flew from Hyderabad to meet Salman.  They discussed and finalised the movie over a lunch an Salman’s house. When asked Ram Charan admitted, “Yes, I was in Mumbai. I had come to meet Salman. We are working on a project together.”

Lately there had been controversies about Salman’s father writer Salim Khan joining hands with his former partner Javed Akhtar to sue the new Zanjeer makers for copyright infringement.

However, Ram Charan seems to have  given Salman a clean chit.  Ram Charan said defensively, “Salman really couldn’t intervene in the matter. It was a matter involving the Writers’ Association. He couldn’t say anything beyond a point. Even Salim Khan Saab was very supportive. It’s just that he had to stand by Javed Akhtar Saab, or the writers’ community would have been offended. But to be honest they were fighting for a film that wasn’t anything like theirs.” He also added, “Apoorva Lakhia and I need to sit down and make a list of the 10 reasons why Zanjeer didn’t work. It really doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve already moved on to my next project in Telugu. It’s called Yevadu. And it releases for Dussehra on October 10. That’s a full-on action thriller. My fans like to see me fight. They rejected Thoofan because most of the time I was just angry and seething silently. That’s not how they like to see me.”

Ram Charan is all excited about working with Salman.  He is looking forward to his career in Bollywood. He says, “I’ve nowhere to go but ahead since I’ve touched rock-bottom with Zanjeer. Actually I had things much too easy so far. My life and my career were like a fairytale. I think I needed to be jolted.”


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