Satya 2 postponed once again

Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 has been postponed once more as the film maker has got himself into trouble again. Apparently, L R Active Oils Pvt. Ltd ,one of the producers of the film, has accused  him of ‘malpractice’. The producer has dragged him to the court, just two days prior to the release of the film.

It is rumored that the problem started as Varma terminated the contract with L R Active on October 22.  The producer has accused Varma of terminating the contract without any valid reason. LR Active has appealed to the Bombay High Court to stay the release of the film as a temporary solution until the final judgment is pronounced.  The court will look over the issue today.

RGV confirmed the story: “My lawyers are working on it, since the matter is sub judice, I cannot comment on it. The company’s publicity material took up more than 30 per cent of space on every hoarding. Imagine five different colored oil cans with the company’s branding on each. They were promoting their product more than our film. They were the ones who did not adhere to the terms of the contract.”

The release of Satya 2 was previously postponed as Arun Sharma of L R Active was allegedly involved in the Rs 5600-crore scam in the Jignesh Shah promoted NSEL (National Spot Exchange Limited) and Varma was asked to severe all ties with Arun.

Satya 2 seems to have a long way until it reaches the audience.

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