Tamasha is Profound

Self actualization has been a favorite theme for film makers, for there is no stronger story than humans finding meaning to their existence. The realization is always subjective, for its based on individual perception. Thus every story is unique. Quite like the storyteller.

Tamasha - Poster

Tamasha – Poster

An Actor Acts

Life is a stage, and we play to the audience. Realization is when we play to ourselves, understanding that our best performance is when we are the audience. For an actor’s every expression is truly experienced by the self. The token audience seated around only see the face moving. They perceive what they want to, not always what the actor wants them to. Since the actor does not engage in a feedback loop with the audience, how then will he perform? Nay, he believes, he lives the character, immerses himself in the dream he is living and concludes with a thunderous applause. He listens to himself.

Demanding Answers

A wise lady once told me, “there can be nothing wrong in a drawing.” There can be nothing wrong in ourselves. We simply are – a goofy grin or a stubborn soul. On the self imposed stage, why do we forget that we write the script, we direct and act out as well? Behaving like puppets of destiny – why do we give away our power of decision, of opinion and pure action?

How can we demand answers from the world outside? The answers come from within. Do we have the courage to take control of our lives, look at ourselves in the eye and demand answers? For that is when we would find them.


A fresh stroke of paint is virgin, it is free of the past and it designs the future. There is nothing to impose, there are no memories to keep and no stories to live up to. A fresh stroke of paint is its own story, livens up the canvas in its own jolly way, free of all biases, a masterpiece in itself, a new one every single time.

Fear is when an artist attempts to recreate one masterpiece over and over again. Fear is when new paths are not tread upon, no new peaks scaled. The texture, the blend, the curves and the passion is faked and is made to resemble the first gasp of glory. Cowardice is when we do not look within, fail to trust ourselves and demand an explanation from the world.

Yes, Tamasha is Profound

It asks us to be grateful for what we are born with, for the homes we are born into and to let go of the perceived obligations. It suggests the occasional flirtation with our fantasies, a mad giggle when a straight face is expected and a passionate fling when you least expect to have one. It points towards building our strengths, and not blindly conforming to the norms. It inspires us to write our own story, and accept it as the best one there is. Because it is.

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