Tokyo International Film Festival draws to an end

The 26th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) which was held at the Toho Cinema Roppongi Hills theatre, drew to a close today with some exceptional awards. The end was marked by Swedish film ‘We are the best’ being awarded the ‘Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix’ and with ‘Wang Jingchun’, the Chinese actor winning the ‘best actor’ for his performance in To Live and Die in Ordos’.

The Swedish director, Lukas Moodysson was extremely happy about winning and also told that he was not expecting the award. He went on to say, “It’s not the kind of film that wins prizes.” The film debuted at Venice and was heartily welcomed at the Asian premiere at Tokyo. The story rotates around a punk band in 1980’s. Apparently, the film won a prize of $50,000.

Wang who won the ‘best actor’ said, “I really love my family, my friends and my films. I think this award has given me wings, wings to fly in movie’s world and light up the dark.” Wang’s film was inspired by a true story and he plays a bulldog cop in the film.

When asked about the fest, TIFF director General Yasushi Shiina said, “What we can do as a festival is be like a matchmaker – to introduce the filmmakers and investors with the TIFF market. Buyers and sellers are involved, but with the market in the middle of the dates, can’t participate in the opening or closing ceremony. So next year, we have something to think about seriously.”

Tiff went on from 17-35 of this month. It received an overwhelming response this year with 35,139 admissions for 97 films, down from 112 films last year.


The detailed list of other awards is:


Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix ($50,000)
We Are the Best! (Sweden) dir. Lukas Moodysson

Special Jury Prize ($20,000)
Bending the Rules (Iran) dir. Behnam Behzadi

Award for Best Director ($5,000)
Benedikt Erlingsson, Of Horses and Men (Iceland)

Award for Best Actress ($5,000)
Eugine Domingo, Barber’s Tales (Philippines)

Award for Best Actor ($5,000)
Wang Jingchun, To Live and Die in Ordos (China)

Award for Best Artistic Contribution ($5,000)
The Empty Hours (Mexico/France/Spain) Aarón Fernández

Audience Award ($10,000)
Red Family (Korea) dir. Lee Ju-hyoung

Best Asian Future Film Award ($10,000)
Today and Tomorrow (China) dir. Yang Huilong

Asian Future, Special Mention
The Tale of Iya (Japan) dir. Tetsuichiro Tsuya

Best Picture Award (Japan)
Forma (Japan) dir. Ayumi Sakamoto

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